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Crunch time

I'm well into crunch time preparing for our rally around the Highlands and islands of Scotland, and I'm starting to get a bit stressed about the amount of stuff still to do before we leave on Friday. Lintilla is as prepared as she's going to get now, apart from going to the garage tomorrow to get her tracking checked and adjusted (I suspect it has moved somehow because the steering wheel is no longer centralised).

I changed the front brake drums last night for a different pair I had bought to put on Fenchurch, and it cured the heavy vibration I got when braking hard at over 35MPH. Unfortunately that means that when I had the bad pair skimmed last year, the engineering shop must not have centralised them accurately enough in the lathe, and I don't now have a good pair for Fenchurch (you can't buy these drums new any more, and they are rather scarce and expensive on the second hand market).

I'm going to really need a holiday after all this holiday preparation! ;)


Yes, you sure do need a holiday! Including drinks with little umbrellas in them, by the sounds of all the work you've been doing to get Lintilla into shape :)

How long will you be planning to take, and are you travelling in a party? (Apart from the wibble, of course...)
We're taking just over a fortnight; the first week in the Outer Hebrides and the north of Scotland, and the second week on the west coast of Scotland, the isle of Skye, and a tiny island called Eigg. :)

A couple is joining us in an ex-police car on the second half of the trip.