Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Minor update

Lintilla is ready for her MOT tomorrow. I've done all the essential jobs I mentioned on Friday and a few others too.

Shiny Lintilla ready for her MOT

This picture was taken just after giving her a wash and before, in a fit of extreme bodgery, I sprayed almond green paint on the silver gaffer tape that is covering up various rust holes in the rear wings and door bottoms. She now looks presentable(ish) from a distance. Just don't look too closely or pick at the peeling bits! ;)

As you can see the front panel, bumper valance, and new wing (and various other bits not visible in the photo) are a different shade of green to the rest of the car, which is itself made up of about three different shades of Almond Green (a standard Minor colour). The new stuff is Dulux Highland Green exterior gloss, quickly slopped on with a brush. Close up it looks rubbish, but from a distance I reckon it's actually an improvement. I'm tempted, once I have a free weekend to spend on the job, to give the whole car a quick brush over with the stuff. Long term she could do with a proper bare metal respray but that would make her look a little less scabby for a year or two.

The reason the bumper looks wonky is because of the crap job I made of aligning the bumper iron when I welded it to the new inner arch. That's one of the things I know I could do better the second time around. The front of the bar is in exactly the right place but the back is too high (I actually relocated the mounting point but not enough and I didn't want to waste a couple of hours doing it again). This means the bar slopes down towards the front. I mistakenly thought this wouldn't be noticeable once the bumper was bolted on, but it's twisted that side of the bumper down, giving it a 'droopy' appearance. It can be fixed but I'm not going to worry about it for now.

My next task for this afternoon is to drain the pit and do some de-rusting and painting underneath. I might also replace the exhaust mounting straps while I'm under there.
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