Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden


I've just realised it's only two weeks until we set off on the Highlands rally.

I got Lintilla's nearside wing fitted last night and sorted out the wiring. She's booked in for her MOT on Monday afternoon. This weekend I need to fit the front panel, sort out the bonnet latches, reassemble and fit the front bumper, fit the new radiator and fill the coolant system, fit the new seat belts, fit the offside door mirror, fix the indicator warning light, sort out the windscreen washer pump, change the faulty front wheel hub, fit the nearside sill cover and finisher, and finally give her a wash.

After I've got the MOT (fingers crossed she passes first time!) and I've sent a copy off to the insurance company, I've got a bunch of less immediately critical things to do next week: adjust the clutch, tweak the ignition timing, clean up and paint various parts of the bodywork, fit the new stereo and speakers, fit one or two immobilisers, fit a set of accessory power sockets, fit new door seals, fit the passenger side glovebox, make an under-bonnet spare wheel carrier to free up some extra luggage space in the boot, check the gearbox and back axle oil levels and oil the steering rack, and maybe replace the perished exhaust mounting straps.

Somewhere in there I've also got to prepare route plans, pack, sort out a sensible set of tools and spares that doesn't take up the entire boot, and make a birthday present for wibble_puppy.
Tags: holiday, lintilla, mithos, morris minor

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