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Working on it

Minor update

Forgive me Father, for it has been nearly two months since my last Minor Update. I've spent that time working very hard indeed, and this is what Lintilla looked like earlier this evening:

Lintilla with new inner wing

Though not visible in the photo, the front panel, bumper, and outer wing are all painted and ready to bolt on tomorrow night. I took today off work to sort out the brakes and get her rolling again. Completion is so close now that I'm planning to phone the garage tomorrow morning and try to book her in for an MOT test on Monday (because she was written off, the insurance company wants to see a fresh MOT before they will re-instate fully comprehensive cover). [ETA: booked for 14:30 Monday]

A strange and rather worrying glitch I ran into today is that I discovered one of the front hubs has a potentially dangerous manufacturing fault. Wheels fitted to it don't align perfectly on the studs. At minimum I would expect this to cause vibration at speed (which indeed she does at > 60MPH). Worst case it could cause the studs to weaken and shear off while cornering hard! Quite how nobody (myself included) has previously noticed this problem in the 38 or so years the car has been on the road I've no idea. Luckily I already have a couple of spare hubs from a scrap Wolseley 1500, so I'll fit new bearings to one and swap it over this weekend.


Very nice indeed...

How did you ensure correct alignment of the new inner wing? I'm thinking about replacing the ones on the Traveller- they're rampantly misshapen and the wing/bonnet/front panel/bumper alignments are all over the place as a result.
N.B. I've cheekily saved this image as a useful visual reference- 'what they're MEANT to look like'.
I probably have some better photos of Fenchurch's front end somewhere. They would make a better reference because they are original and fairly unmolested (I replaced the rear quarter of the flitch on one side and the section with the rear captive nuts in it on the other).
Don't congratulate me too soon - I don't know yet how well it's all going to fit back together. I'm pretty sure I could do a neater job second time round.

At the back I tried to make it match the the old inner wing as near as possible (it couldn't be perfect because the repair panel wasn't perfect).

At the front:
* I removed the top bar from the old (bent) radiator panel and bolted it in place, to maintain the right distance between the two inner wings.
* I measured the distance between the top of the bumper iron and the top bar on both sides to get the height right (this assumes I had previously got the bumper iron in the right place, which I'm not entirely certain about, despite several hours working on it).
* I measured the distance between the bulkhead crossmember and the top bar on both sides.
* I lowered the bonnet and checked visually that the top of the inner wing seemed to match up with the edge of the bonnet.
* I trial-fitted the new outer wing (this revealed a couple of things that needed altering slightly).

The most difficult part of the whole job was reshaping the area where the top bump stop bolts on. A chap who replaced his inner wings last year had warned me about this and I hadn't paid much attention at the time. It really is a major PITA because it's a complicated shape involving the area where inner arch and the flitch meet, and the commercially available repair panels are quite a long way out.

Another job that was trickier than I expected was repairing the bottom of the inner wing support bracket (the roughly square panel with the hole in it) because it needs to fit flush against the compound curve of the top of the inner arch.
That's beautiful!

(And it was great to see you at Eastercon).
Thank you! :)