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Working on it

Minor update

Here's where I'm up to with Lintilla:

Lintilla with the nearside inner wing removed

I've cut out all the rotten panels I'm going to replace. Next I have to clean up all the edges where the replacements are going to weld on. After that comes the tricky part: making the new panels fit properly.


*peers at Lin through clouds of paint smoke* Does that kidney panel need patching? And it looks like you have decided that the sills are okay to leave, at least for the time being?

Being a Non-Welder myself (in fact, more like an Un-Welder ;) ) I find it absolutely terrifying that you can grind panels off and weld new ones on in such close proximity to Quite Important Bits like the exhaust, the tie bar and, god save us, the track rod end (let me know when you want me to come and get my hands dirty replacing the seal ;) ). Amazing!

Also amazes me that it works okay to leave the engine supported by just the "chassis" leg, on that side - that its weight isn't pulling the chassis leg downwards out of alignment.

You are clever :)

*passes you a half-litre mug of Diet Coke* :D
Yes, it's the way the front of the engine bay is now lacking its support from the inner wing. Shows my ignorance of the forces involved, though, in that Alex is clearly confident that the chassis leg can take it :)
I don't think the chassis ordinarily gets much support from the inner wing because the tie-plate connecting them is just a big flat sheet with holes in it.
The side edges of the engine bay floor, you mean? If so, I see what you mean - that bit is too flimsy to play a role in passing on any benefit to the chassis rail in terms of suspension from the inner wing.

Very interesting.
I'll probably get home to find the whole front end of the car has collapsed in a heap of rust and tangled chassis legs. ;)
Oh dear God, I don't know why I am laughing!
The kidney panel needs a bit of repairing, as do various other panels I'm not replacing outright. Annoyingly someone has drilled a hole through the kidney panel and welded a nut on the inside instead of properly repairing the captive nuts for the bolts that hold the outer wing on. The kidney panel on the other side of the car looks a lot worse and will probably need replacing eventually (it's been bodged with fibreglass).

The sills are both rather crap and will need replacing eventually, but for now I'm just going to repair the front bits of it where it attaches to the panels I'm replacing.

I might have to take the tie bar and engine mounting tower off to get better access when I replace the tie plate (engine bay floor).

The chassis is pretty rigid because it's a large box structure. It has to be or it would flex when you drove over bumps. It would become weaker and more flexible if I removed the top of it, but I'm not planning to do that, and if I did I would have to remove the engine first anyway.


Couldn't contact you any other way, Alex! How's the Wobblevision photos from LX doing?

Re: Wobblevision?

I'm afraid I've been too busy to sort them out yet.

Edited at 2009-04-20 01:48 pm (UTC)