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Hijinks Ensue

The credit crunch strikes

Two months ago I pre-ordered the special deluxe (expensive) box set of Madness's next album, "The Liberty of Norton Folgate." This morning Madness announced that the distributor has gone into administration. It's not clear to me yet whether they will still be able to fulfil existing orders. The good news is that I already have a copy of the music from the album because they sent it out as a digital download shortly after I ordered.
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Thats no good is it? Better start trying to get some cash back I guess. I rather liked Madness back in the day. I've not heard any of the new stuff.


I ordered it as well, it's a shame the company went bust (not the band's fault) but the band stated that everyone who ordered a copy would get it. So don't knock 'em beforehand...
The new stuff is great by the way.


Your box set will still come.


Worry no more. Madness have said that all box sets ordered through the official site will still be shipped as ordered to everyone. They have the database of customer orders.

From week commencing March 9th with a possible small delay all box sets will be sent.

The box set is also on sale again now from record store site.

Check out the amazing 42 tracks list. There is now a third cd of demos and live tracks ontop of what what previously advertised.


Re: Your box set will still come.

It did arrive eventually. I had to chase the new distributor for it though.


Going to the Madness concert?

Hi Alex,
Going to Victoria Park on 17 July. Should be a treat.
I'm travelling from my native Mauritius to see this !

Re: Going to the Madness concert?

No, I would have loved to but unfortunately it wasn't practical for various reasons. I'm hoping they will do another Christmas tour this year! :)