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Hijinks Ensue

AKICOLJ: scanners for Mac

Can anyone recommend a good USB flatbed scanner with decent Mac OS X support? I don't need one with a document feeder.

[b]ETA:[/b] I've ordered a Canon CanoScan LiDE 600F.


I don't know about "good", but I'm using the scanner that's part of my Canon MP150.

Actually, scratch that: as a printer, it's less than impressive.
Yes, I try to avoid multi-function units. Also I plan to eventually get a colour laser printer. Unfortunately my 15 year old HP Laserjet 4 refuses to die however much I abuse it! :D
Our Laserjet 6L is much nicer than the decade-newer MP150. But alas it's on its last legs (paper feeder pad has started shoving multiple pages through again). Plus, no USB. :-(
Thanks, I've seen a few recommendations for the Canoscan Lide series.