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Hijinks Ensue

Dustbin lorry stuck in the snow

There have been cars getting stuck in the snow and ice on the street outside my office for the past couple of days. As I write this entry, there is a people carrier outside my window going absolutely nowhere; his wheels are just spinning and spinning. I recorded the following video shortly after I arrived this morning: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=PsoMazWfH6w

I've done fairly well in Fenchurch. When I set off home yesterday I found that I'd frozen into a rut that wouldn't let me go forwards or backwards, but I just rocked her back and forth a bit until she broke out of it, then she coped perfectly fine with the ice. It helps to carefully feather the clutch to avoid spinning the wheels and losing all traction.


Looks like they span their tyres until they produced enough heat to melt the ice underneath and get some traction ... watching the vehicles crossing in front of them, if they'd caught traction at the wrong moment they could have crashed into a bus or caused other mayhem. Not good.

This morning's In Our Time is about heat and temperature, and one of the things was that Lavoisier (sp?) thought heat was a fluid (called caloric) and that it combined with other chemicals to form compounds, so you added caloric to ice and formed water ... but it was another chap, boring cannon barrels, that thought heat was movement, since the friction heated up the barrels enough to boil a tank of water on top, and that he could continue to produce heat on demand via friction/movement ... so that's what was on my mind watching the lorry's wheels spinning ... glad I wasn't parked at the side of that road!
Yes, lots of people seem to be trying the "keep spinning the wheels really fast until the ice melts" method. Then they move forwards a few inches and get stuck on a fresh patch of ice! What isn't obvious from the video is how violently the back of the lorry slewed over to the left - if it hadn't been stopped by the kerb I'm sure it would have hit the building.
yes, that looked pretty terrifying. Has there been an action film involving a chase using dustbin lorries on icy roads? If not, WHY NOT?

TM, sounds like a good ed of IOT, will check if Griff caught it.

Took the van out and about a bit yesterday and you wouldn't have known the roads were icy at all, it drove like a specially lithe kind of tank (of course my brilliant driving will have helped, she said modestly). Narrow tyres presumably a help.
Wasn't there a refuse truck chase in Stack Out? The two cops were certainly posing as garbage collectors.
I really would not have liked to have been watching this through the shop window.
I've found the traveller to be pretty good in snow and ice.. although at the beginning of the year, I did have to employ the busdriver's trick of locking the wheels and putting it into reverse to stop, which i didn't like much. Only problem I have is that the light back end lets go a little too readily.

I've had a rummage in the garage, and I appear to have another bumper. Should you require one. i was going to fit it, and lose the other one, but I can't take the bar off the back of mine, and the spare has that bit missing..
Yes, they do seem surprisingly good. I don't even have much weight in the boot at the moment. The 145mm tyres must help a lot.

Thanks a lot, I'll let you know if I need to take you up on the offer. As I said I think there may be one in a local scrap yard. :)

How come you can't get the support bar off yours; has it been welded on?