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Trundling along the motorway in Lintilla this morning at about 65-70MPH according to the (probably inaccurate) speedo, there was a very loud bang followed by a quiet rumbling sound. No loss of control and I only slowed down as I lifted my foot off the throttle. I indicated left and pulled over onto the hard shoulder. The offside rear tire had blown out!

Unfortunately I forgot to move my jack from Fenchurch to Lintilla when I switched cars last week (I blame the excitement of passing the MOT) so I had to wait at the side of the motorway for a pair of knights in shining armour to get out of bed and bring it to me. At least the weather was nice and clear, albeit rather chilly.

The tyre has a big rip on the inner sidewall. It's possible I ran over a sharp object I didn't see, but that seems unlikely. I was travelling in a straight line so I would have expected the front tyre to hit it instead. I have always been a bit suspicious of these tyres even though they are relatively unworn, because although I don't know exactly how old they are I do know they are a type that hasn't been made for a number of years. I think I am going to bite the bullet and buy a set of five new high-quality Bridgestones; the same ones that I have on Fenchurch. They are expensive by Morris Minor standards but cheap compared to the big wide tyres that most modern cars use.


Yes, and also lucky that it was within a short drive from home, where I had left my jack!