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Fenchurch and the Beast

Passed with flying colours

The past few days were... Interesting. I mean that in the Chinese proverb sense of the word. wibble_puppy and I worked long hours, postponed my return home, got repeatedly soaked in rain and brake fluid, drank massive quantities of tea, and went through the depths of despair together. We emerged from the experience tired, covered in scratches and bruises, stronger, happier, and clutching a shiny green piece of paper with "MOT Test certificate" printed at the top. I would do it again without a moment's hesitation.

Emrys and Wibble Puppy shortly after the MOT success


That is one beautiful van.
It's even more beautiful in the flesh because the colours constantly change as it moves. Driving through the town at school closing time the kids were all staring open-mouthed in amazement.
You Rule, Holden
WE Rule, Wibble. :D
Somehow, I had missed that she had a custom paint job.
She's beautiful. They do that paint in purple too, you know...

Thanks. The van is actually a he called Emrys. :)

The paint was designed by a friend of wibble_puppy's who used to work for TVR. It's called something-copper, and it does look like polished copper if the light catches it at just the right angle.
Yes, sounds fun. It will feel totally different to the Tank.
It's such a good thing that I am not an MOT tester. I'd take one look at this Morris Minor driving in, and swoon, signing the form as I fell.

The tester was an interesting character. I think he'd given up hope of ever actually seeing the van because wibble_puppy had previously booked and postponed several tests for it. He got Wibble to sit in the car and operate the controls while he jacked it up above our heads on the lift. Afterwards he showed us his partially-dismantled Morris Minor convertible stored in the garage next door.
Awesome! Congratulations!

It makes me feel positively lazy about my failure to do any of the jobs I should've done on the DAF or the Minor. But it's cold, and frequently wet :(

That's my wussy excuse! ;)
I'm not surprised you don't have much time to work on the cars with your job!
So very pleased for you and your pretty, pretty van.
Thank you. It's wibble_puppy's van though. I'm just the grease-monkey who was brought in to help out with the final push. :)
What a huge effort! It does look lovely and shiny so was clearly well worth it :)
Yes, definitely worth the effort! :D
Van looking adorable on the road, and I'm sure the MOT certificate is adorable too!

Well done the pair of you.
Thanks. Heading back from the MOT test garage, Wibble couldn't resist taking a diversion to the lane you can see in the photo - she had been waiting for years to go there in her van. :)
Guess it's Lintilla's turn next...?
Yeah; and she is going to be entirely covered in tiny mirror-balls :D
I didn't realise I was in this pic, I thought Alex was just taking a snap of the van. I've never seen such a massive grin on my face.