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Hijinks Ensue

Jonathan Coulton live at the Manchester Academy

On Wednesday evening I went to Manchester to see Jonathan Coulton supported by Paul and Storm. I'm a big fan of JoCo but I hadn't heard P&S before apart from the odd recorded song, so it came as a nice surprise to discover how brilliantly funny they are live (and they can sing well too!).

It was an excellent gig. Paul and Storm had us rolling in the aisles with boxing nuns and dejected pirates, and many other great comedy songs, then after we were nicely warmed up JoCo came on and blew us away with a fantastic mix of old favourites and a few surprises too. Somebody [whistles innocently] recorded a few of the songs and uploaded them to YouTube:

Mr Fancy Pants - Excellent. The piece of kit he normally uses to play the samples for this song blew up when he plugged it into the 240V mains, so for the first time ever he performed it using a piece of software on his iPhone instead. If you only watch one of these videos, make it this one.
Creepy Doll featuring Neil Gaiman - the big surprise of the night. JoCo and P&S had earlier played a couple of songs at a signing of Neil's, so he came over to the gig afterwards and took part in the last song of the night.
Always the Moon - excellent new song that he had never performed live before, with backing vocals by Paul and Storm.
Big Bad World One - a song JoCo doesn't normally perform live, but he decided to add it to the set after seeing the title on an audience member's T-shirt.
Re: Your Brains - old favourite with lots of audience participation.
Mandelbrot Set - old favourite. "You geeks!" ;)
Skullcrusher Mountain - old favourite. Watch out for the bit where somebody in the front row waves a half pony half monkey monster in the air. Also has some audience participation.
Tom Cruise Crazy - old favourite. Includes a bit of banter at the beginning that is fairly typical of JoCo's song introductions. Backing vocals by Paul and Storm.


Ooooh, wouldn't have minded being there!

Rather enjoying working my way through the clips. Hadn't heard of this guy before but keen to do a bit of research...

Haven't seen anyone play live for far too long. Must rectify this.
I love how he can treat the most bizarre and geeky subjects in a sympathetic and humorous way.
I like him cos he wears jeans and a t-shirt on stage and clearly doesn't bother trimming any of his hairs - cool.

I also like him cos he is witty in a low-key, ordinary-human-being kind of way.

That rendition of Mr Fancy Pants is priceless - thanks for posting all those clips, Holden :D
I think his t-shirt was from The Lady Killigrew cafe.

I can't watch the Mr Fancy Pants video without a big grin on my face. Always the Moon keeps growing on me, even if I'm not sure the lyrics entirely make sense... ;)
So do lots of people have half pony half monkey monsters? Seems like the accessory de rigeur.
I only saw one at the Manchester gig and they didn't use enough monkeys.
Fffff. I bet they didn't even ruin a pony.
I was wondering if Somebody [whistles innocently] had seen this today?

That's awesome! :D

Thanks for letting me know.