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Minor update

I have finished putting Lintilla back together with her newly rebuilt engine. I took her out for a bit of a scenic drive this afternoon, to Hebden Bridge and back (via a village called Slack Bottom ;). She seems to be running OK, though obviously a bit 'tight' due to the rebore and new bearing shells. The upgraded Wolseley 1500 brakes feel very firm and easy to lock compared to the standard ones on Fenchurch. They got a good test when a cyclist startled a sheep on the other side of the road and it bolted across in front of me while I was doing about 50 MPH!

Here is a photo taken on the way back to Burnley of Lintilla parked by a wind farm:
Lintilla and the wind farm

I will need to drive rather more sedately than usual for the next 500 miles or so while the new piston rings bed in. I was considering going away somewhere next weekend via a route that would rack up a few hundred non-motorway miles, but then I remembered I have another engagement on Saturday night... Maybe I'll just take her on some long drives around the local area next weekend and go away somewhere the following one.


Why is Lintilla called Lintilla?
She's named after a character in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. As is Fenchurch.
Hope Lintilla does not have a Slack Bottom. Oh wait, no, you said she was a bit tight...

Try cyclists frightening sheep when on a major highway on horseback leading another horse and also passing a paddock containing a stallion. Now that is a memory :P
Lintilla is more like Soggy Bottom, at least she is when it rains.
Fifty? On new shells?
Yes, that's below 3000 RPM and I was going downhill at the time so not labouring it at all. I'm more concerned about the effect of climbing some of the hills around here where you have to either use some right foot or crawl up them at walking pace. I had an annoying minicab driver tailgating and sounding his horn at me tonight because I was doing 25MPH up a hill in a 30MPH zone. I of course reacted by slowing down to 20MPH.