Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Lintilla TODO list

Time to produce an up to date Lintilla TODO list. I finished most of the stuff on the old one before the AIR, then her engine blew up, and now her MOT is due in a few weeks' time (the first one since she was given to me in a state that really shouldn't have got through the previous MOT).

Needs to be done before the MOT:
  • Finish putting the engine back together.
  • Weld up the loose front bumper mounting bar.
  • Refit the front panel, radiator, and front bumper.
  • Refill the cooling system and check for leaks.
  • Get the engine running.
  • Tune the engine.
  • Weld up the hole in the front of the nearside under-sill panel.
  • Weld up the hole in the front of the offside under-sill panel.
  • Replace the front seat belts.
  • Fix the problem with the driver's door not shutting properly.
  • Repair the outer sill panel between the driver's door and the rear wing.
  • Repair the headlight mounting ring on the passenger side wing.
  • Replace the knackered headlight bowls with plastic ones.
  • Replace the headlight wiring looms.
  • Fit new headlights after sealing the edges to hopefully stop them filling with condensation again.
  • Roughly set the headlight aim (remember to ask the MOT tester to do it properly).
  • Fix the indicator warning light. ETA: this seems to have started working on its own so I'm probably going to leave it alone and hope it works during the test.
  • Carefully check for any more potential MOT failure points.
When I get a chance:
  • Clean up and paint all the weld repairs under the floor.
  • Fit immobiliser switch(es).
  • Move the distributor drive gear clockwise by one tooth.
  • Fit electronic ignition module.
  • Get the timing perfect.
  • Replace the exhaust mounting straps.
  • Fit the exhaust heat shield.
  • Make an instrument panel with rev counter, ammeter, water temperature, and oil pressure gauges.
  • Replace the stereo and speakers with a better one.
  • Try to fix the leaks under the dashboard (probably the wiper spindles).
  • Clean up, rust-kill, and paint the cabin floor.
  • Fix the spare fuel pumps (the one that is ticking too often due to leaky valves, and the one with the sticking diaphragm).
  • Fit rear seat belts.
  • Touch up the worst bits of the paintwork and T-cut the rest.
  • Clean up and paint the wheels.
  • Clean, wire-brush, rust-kill, prime, paint, and Waxoyl the whole underside.
  • Replace the door seals.
  • Replace the boot lid seal.
  • Fit new courtesy light switches.
  • Fit a cigarette lighter socket.
  • Fit the passenger glove box liner.
  • Replace the rear suspension bushes.
  • Change the fluid in the rear dampers.
  • If I can find a pair, fit new front drums.
  • Fit new rear springs.
  • Replace the wiring loom.
  • Replace the front panel (I already have a better one but it needs a respray).
  • Replace the boot lid (I already have a better one but it needs a respray).
  • Either replace the nearside door or repair the bottom of the outer skin.
  • Either replace the offside door or repair the bottom of the outer skin.
  • Repair or replace the nearside rear wing.
  • Repair or replace the offside rear wing.
  • Repair the nearside front wing.
  • Replace the nearside crossmember-end.
  • Replace the sills.
  • Replace the nearside chassis leg.
  • Replace the nearside tie-plate.
  • Do something about (possibly replace) the inner wings (they have been replaced before, badly).
  • Maybe replace the window rubbers.
  • Maybe respray a different colour (I'm not a big fan of Almond Green).
  • Maybe fit a carpet.

I'll add more stuff as I think of it...
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