Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden


After I finished work last Friday I got in Fenchurch and drove south on the motorway for over six hours to get to wibble_puppy's house. The trip was well worth it; I wish I could do it all again! ;)

Our main objective for the weekend was to make some progress on Wibble's Morris Minor van, which is nearing the end of a three-year restoration. I think we did pretty well on that front. The brakes proved rather tricky to get working but we got there in the end. Here is a video of the triumphal moment as wibble_puppy drove the van out of the garage for the first time:
(Click on "Watch in high quality" to see it at a higher resolution)

The thing that really made the weekend worthwhile for me was simply spending time with Wibble again. It felt slightly odd not driving for hours every day and staying in a different place every night! We watched DVDs, ate pizza, went for walks in the countryside, and chatted about future rally plans. Good times. :)

My new userpic shows Wibble's newly-drivable van parked next to Fenchurch.
Tags: gip, morris minor, videos

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