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Hijinks Ensue

Bonfire night already?

I just heard the first firework explode near the office.

And there goes the second one...



It makes my life much less stressful that our current cats are completely unperturbed by fireworks. Our old cat was terrified of them and would hide for hours, sometimes days.

I love the sight of fireworks, it's the noise I object to!!
We don't know yet how our new dog is going to react to them. One of our previous ones got very stressed - on bonfire night we sometimes had to resort to feeding her a tranquilliser pill.

After the little scrotes had run out of fireworks, they rang my doorbell on their way past.
Edinburgh Festival fireworks experimented with silent fireworks this year during parts of the performance so that they didn't drown out the classical music at quieter bits.
Fireworks on 2 October, in the daylight?

Are you sure it's not something simpler, like a shoot-out?
I'll let you know if I find bullet holes in my car...
Ah, that could explain all the cars sounding their horns yesterday afternoon. Hopefully the fireworks were just a few leftovers from Eid celebrations that the kids had got their hands on.

In past years the bonfire night fireworks have started several weeks early though, and it seems to be getting earlier every year.
Seems they start earlier and earlier.... and now they run more or less continually through to, and past, New Year's Eve >:(
My thought also.
You actually have fireworks being set off round your way? *cor* We just get bangers and screamers. It's been a long, long time since I've seen real fireworks that don't just go BANG.

Bonfire Night used to mean soemthing when I was younger... I'd watch everyone elses fireworks out of the window, my mum would be baking potatoes and making toffe apples downstairs. Then she'd light a small bonfire in our backgarden and we'd have jacket potatoes and sparklers and roman candles. Now it's just BANG BANG BANG from the middle of October to the middle of January *sigh*

I make a point of going to the Round Tables organised charity display that's set as near to the 5th of November as possible.