Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Route rambling

I've drawn the AIR route onto a big paper map with alternating days in red and yellow highlighter (the only two colours I had to hand). It looks OK to the naked eye but a decent digital photo of it has so far proved elusive. Here's my best attempt:

I've been thinking about the route today and where improvements could be made. I reckon it actually worked out better than I could have expected within the parameters available. My plan was to learn from this first visit to Ireland and then go back again another year, spending more time in areas that we liked the first time round. We could have done with at least a couple more days in the west, for example, and there are some interesting-looking areas we missed out altogether due to time constraints. One thing that has occurred to me is that I don't think any of us were bothered by the cancellation of the Kilbroney classic car show. The reason I worked it into the itinerary was because I thought it would attract more participants to the rally (yeah, that certainly worked!), and it caused me a bit of a route-planning headache. If I hadn't had to fit the show in I could have skipped Belfast and cut a day off the route from the Giant's Causeway to Dublin, freeing up time to more thoroughly explore Kerry or Mayo. It's made me think again about the Norway trip too: which would I rather do; explore the west fjords or trek several days inland to attend a car rally?

I feel like taking a weekend away on my own to defragment my brain a bit. Maybe I should make that happen.
Tags: air, morris minor

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