Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

AIR 2008 video: Sunset and puppies at Dun Chaoin

After arriving at Dun Chaoin Youth Hostel on the tip of the Dingle Peninsula in southwest Ireland we decided to take a walk down to the sea. Two puppies (both with collars, so I don't think they were strays) ran up to us and followed us around until we got back to the hostel again. About five minutes walk away we found a lovely little bay at the mouth of a small river. The sun was just starting to set and had turned a gorgeous shade of orange (my video camera didn't really capture it very well - hopefully the_magician's still camera did better).

Here is the video.

PS. Yes, I was hoping to get a shot of wibble_puppy being soaked by a wave! ;)
Tags: air, videos

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