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Morris Minor, Fenchurch

MOT success

Fenchurch passed her MOT on the second attempt, after fitting new handbrake cables and swapping the newer and less corroded headlights from Lintilla onto her. I'd somehow forgotten to reconnect one of the headlight power connectors but the nice chap at Motor Services Rossendale let me sort it out while he waited (took me about a minute). She's done 12,430 miles in the past year.


Hurrah! Well done :) enjoy the next 12,430 miles :)
Glad she passed :-)
Thanks. :)
Excellent! So she's ready for the next around-somewhere-rally then? :)
Yes in theory, though I haven't got any firm rally plans yet. I might be going to Norway next year but not necessarily in Fenchurch.

I do want to take Fenchurch off the road for maintenance once Lintilla is running reliably again - she could do with a full suspension rebuild as well as treating the wood, touching up the paint chips, rustproofing underneath, replacing the timing chain and front oil seal, doing something about the wrong-colour interior, etc.