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Morris Minor, Fenchurch

AIR 2008 video: The bridge at Mizen Head

I'm going to upload a number of videos that I made while I toured around Ireland recently with the_magician and wibble_puppy. This one is from our visit to Mizen Head, the most southwesterly point of Ireland. I had no idea what we would find there, so I was gobsmacked to come across this bridge with one of the most incredible views we saw on the whole trip. A bit later on we saw a seal swimming in the sea under it.

Here is the video. I recommend selecting "watch in high quality" because you can see quite a bit more detail in that version.
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hurrah! great video. and, no spoilers, but, great cameo halfway through ;)

if you listen carefully you can hear me trying to get the_magician to STOP WITH THE FUNNY FOR A FECKIN MOMENT, FER THE LOVE OF GOD, MAN ;)