Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Bored now

Lintilla's rebored engine block

I picked Lintilla's engine block up from Minisport in Padiham this morning. The cost for the rebore and skim seemed quite reasonable to me, and it looks like they have done a good job (though I won't know for sure until I reassemble it). I was surprised to learn that they had to bore it out by 40 thou' - four times as much as usual - to get rid of all the scoring. Unfortunately I had already ordered a set of +10 pistons from ESM, so those will have to be returned and I won't get the +40 ones until Tuesday. I think they must have put it through one of those industrial dishwasher machines after machining it because it is virtually spotless with no sign of any swarf or grinding dust. I shall have to give it a nice coat of BMC engine green!

I've calculated the new engine capacity with the quadruple-rebore and it's gone from 1098cc up to about 1132cc, so an increase of about 3%. Probably not noticeable in terms of engine power.
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