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Hijinks Ensue

eBay idiocy

eBay seem to have decided they no longer want to do business with the majority of Mac OS X users who are still using their computer's default web browser. When I go to pay for an item I've bought, it now says, "Safari 3.0 is not a supported browser within the checkout flow. Please use another browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox." Changing Safari's user agent string to IE 7 works around the bug but most ordinary users won't know how to do that (hint: use Tinkertool to enable the Safari Debug menu, then look under Develop->User Agent).


It's a shame they have a virtual monopoly on online auctions because it means they have very little incentive to provide a good quality of service. I much preferred to use Yahoo Auctions before eBay paid them to shut down their UK site.

Yet another reason to avoid eBay

I'm glad Amazon have started doing "marketplace" and I hope other people start providing alternatives. I find between eBay's ignorance, being pro-schilling, and the ease with which sellers can burn customers, there is pretty good reason not to use eBay. Limiting use based on user agent strings is *so* 20th century. Hrmph.