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Morris Minor, Fenchurch

High Hopes

I'd forgotten how brilliant this video is for High Hopes; one of my favourite ever Pink Floyd songs. It even features a Morris Traveller!

RIP Richard Wright.


Wow. Haven't seen that before, in fact haven't seen any Pink Floyd visuals for years. Forgot how powerful they are - the symbolism is so strong and so well-thought-out. Maybe "thought" is the wrong word - so much of this type of film is designed to bypass the brain and go straight to the gut.

Cheers for posting, holden.

*gets the urge to go and watch lots of tarkovsky and then sit on a hill in the moonlight*
Griff is now telling me all about the Pink Floyd tour and the circular lighting rig, as relevant to this video. I hadn't heard that Richard Wright had died *group hug* Griff is a HUGE fan :)
Unfortunately I never made it to any of their gigs. Actually, my very first gig was a Floyd tribute act - the Australian Pink Floyd.