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Bigger hammer

the_magician's luggage made Fenchurch fail the MOT

Two of the failure points were 'headlight aim too high.' This confused me because I haven't altered the aim since she passed the test last year. Then dad pointed out that the back end of the car is practically dragging on the ground because of the knackered leaf springs, so the whole car is tilted up at the front... :)

She also failed due to my messing around with the handbrake on Saturday, which was previously working but not very well, and is now not working at all on one side. I reckon a pair of new cables will cure the problem.


I don't know how you are supposed to fit the Denso - need to ask on the forum when I'm ready to do it. I've heard it makes them a bit stiffer too. AFAIK rebuilding dampers is not a DIY job because you need special presses and jigs and things to do it.

Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for your van to run.
i think you may be a genius, holden.
There's a fine line between genius and wearing your underpants on your head and pencils up your nostrils, Wibble.
... as Angelina Jolie was only just telling me.