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Bigger hammer

the_magician's luggage made Fenchurch fail the MOT

Two of the failure points were 'headlight aim too high.' This confused me because I haven't altered the aim since she passed the test last year. Then dad pointed out that the back end of the car is practically dragging on the ground because of the knackered leaf springs, so the whole car is tilted up at the front... :)

She also failed due to my messing around with the handbrake on Saturday, which was previously working but not very well, and is now not working at all on one side. I reckon a pair of new cables will cure the problem.


roflol @ us progressively blinding more and more oncoming drivers as we bounced round Oireland :D

Sounds like the re-test should go fine. We can get new springs at ESM when we go over there, if you like.
Thanks, but I already bought a pair at the National. I just need to get Lintilla running reliably first so I can switch to using her as my daily driver and take Fenchurch off the road for maintenance.
tsk, take you half a day to replace the rear springs. Assume you are going to re-bush them at the same time?

you did tell me you had bought new springs. I told you about my memory (or lack of it)... Who are you, again?
I am the walrus.

I've got a full Superflex polybush set so I can rebuild the whole suspension at the same time. I'd ideally like to do it when new swivel pins are available just in case I find when I have them apart that they are badly worn. I want to take the opportunity at the same time to do things like replace the diff oil seal, clean up and paint the axle and all the front suspension parts, etc. One of the rear dampers is weeping slightly so I might replace them both with rebuilt ones (I've already replaced the front ones). I was going to do the handbrake cables too but that job's been brought forward a bit. I've been considering wrapping the new springs in Denso tape - it's supposed to keep them in good condition much longer.
i'm dribbling slightly at the list of stuff you have to do - some because it's stuff i actually know how to do, and some because it's stuff i need to learn how to do.

I've heard good and not so good about Denso, about whether it is worth it - can it be put on after the springs are fitted or does it need to be wrapped round before they are put on? I like it partly because it's a cool name. Denso. Cool. I think i remember hearing that it increases the stiffness of the springs, does that sound right?

Do you rebuild the dampers yourself or buy recon ones?

weird, i know the eggman, i should introduce you guys.
I don't know how you are supposed to fit the Denso - need to ask on the forum when I'm ready to do it. I've heard it makes them a bit stiffer too. AFAIK rebuilding dampers is not a DIY job because you need special presses and jigs and things to do it.

Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for your van to run.
i think you may be a genius, holden.
There's a fine line between genius and wearing your underpants on your head and pencils up your nostrils, Wibble.
... as Angelina Jolie was only just telling me.

I just want to say ...

... I asked whether the flattened springs would cause an MOT failure and a certain person who shall remain nameless (hint: first name Alex, last name rhymes with Golden) said that they wouldn't cause an MOT failure ...

... it was my extra lace handkerchief and not the 3.5 metric tons of spare parts that did it :-) ... you can't blame my tins of stuff (or at least only briefly) as they stayed in Lintilla for most of the week :-)

Several of my recent estate cars (two Ford Mondeos and a Ford Focus among others) have a headlamp angle dial on the dashboard to adjust the headlight angle *precisely* to handle heavy loads (or towing) pulling the back of the car down and tilting the headlights up.

Sorry to hear she failed, and I'm sure once you fit the new leaf springs and put in the pair of new cables she'll sail through.

Re: I just want to say ...

Well, the springs themselves passed as expected; the headlamp aim thing came as a surprise because I've not encountered the problem before. If we hadn't carried all the tools and spares around with us we surely would have broken down and needed them! :D

I'm not fitting the new springs yet because I don't currently have a spare car to drive while Fenchurch is off the road. I'll just adjust the headlamp aim down a bit.

Re: I just want to say ...

personally i'm well chuffed that the_magician brought along his heavy luggage, as so much of it was stuff we all three profited from, eg laptop for watching films, cameras and lenses for capturing Oirish moments with great talent... Have to say it was bloody heavy though, speaking as the person who loaded the trav most mornings....

Re: I just want to say ...

Yes, the DVD player was good (when it worked!) :) Perhaps a small portable player would be more practical than an entire laptop.

Before the AIR I used to bring a big rucksack as well as the big green bag and lugged them into the YH every night because there were things I needed in both of them. When I did Iceland (my first time touring around YHs) I had a stupid amount of luggage, much of which I never used. I have some more ideas for further reducing my luggage. Including finding/making a Bucket of my own... ;)

Re: I just want to say ...

I have to say I was astounded by my own genius when I devised the Bucket system. Derided though it may initially be by the gawping unwashed pinbrained masses. M.E. is the mother of invention ;)

Re: I just want to say ...

Do you happen to know the dimensions of the YH food crate shelves? I'm tempted to break out the sheets of thin plywood and knock up something a bit fancier with space for my sharp knife and Pork Luncheon Meat...

Re: I just want to say ...

alex you are an Engineer.

all the hostels I've been to have had different-sized cubbyholes. I happened to hit upon a Bucket which fits into 99% of them.

The dimensions of the Bucket are:

27.5cm wide
23.5cm high
32cm deep/long

Don't overlook a key component of the genius of the Bucket system: the Handle.

Re: I just want to say ...

"To an engineer, the world is a toy box full of sub-optimal and feature-poor toys."

Re: I just want to say ...

"to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail".

Re: I just want to say ...

"Perhaps a small portable player would be more practical than an entire laptop" - nope. I vote for a small portable *projector*, and hostels with large white walls :D