Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Second SRT training session

I went to the caving club again tonight, and trained so hard that I got totally drenched with sweat and developed three blisters on my right hand, one of which burst. Free-hanging changeovers are still proving difficult, but I've (re)discovered that changeovers against a wall are far easier (I'm not totally sure why, but not spinning around every time you stand up to unclip the chest jammer might have something to do with it).

These were all taken with my unfortunately rather crap cameraphone, with its lens seemingly made from a blob of Vaseline.

Me attempting to look happy while taking a picture of myself hanging from the top of a rope as sweat drips off my fringe and runs down my nose:

Looking down from the platform at the old climbing wall on the left, the new climbing wall on the right, the electron ladder, various ropes, and the crash mats:

The rope in the centre-left of this shot is the one I was hanging from in the first shot. The big fibreglass stalactite hanging from the roof is purely decorative ;)

I decided to take the scenic route back along the canal instead of the main roads. It probably took longer, but it was prettier and I had plenty of time before the bus was due.

The crappy camera actually does you a favour here because it hides all the rubbish floating in the water and strewn on the banks.

This one was taken from the aqueduct right in the town centre. I think the old crane was at one time used to lift cargo down to/up from the main road below. There's a disused mill chimney in the background with a tree growing from the top.

From the exact same spot as the previous photo, facing the other way. The hotel to the right of the picture is the Keirby (which has changed its name many times over the years). The club once did a sponsored "vertical mile" abseil from the top of it, which was fun but not terribly successful financially as we wore out the (admittedly old) rope doing it, and barely raised enough money to buy a new one. It was amazing to witness the number of people who strolled straight past without giving us a second glance, as if a bunch of blokes abseiling from the roof of a hotel is something you see every day.

Apologies to those who read this via and got everything without the benefit of a cut tag to hide the pictures (blame Livejournal's RSS feed).
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