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Hijinks Ensue


I went to see WALL-E tonight. Excellent film, sprinkled with geeky in-jokes. The theatre was virtually empty so I presume it's nearly at the end of its run. Reccommended.


rayholloway and I wanted to go see it a week or so back. By that point, it was only showing on one screen, in Solihull (okay for me, not so easy for Ray), weekdays at 11am. Ho hum.


I went with my 5 year old daughter a couple of months ago. I loved it, she wasn't too interested! I really liked the in jokes and over all belief in humanity (is that too much for a kids film?)
I think you're right.

Oddly, the character of Wall-E reminded me of the kind of character Norman Wisdom used to play - the loveable, lovestruck, clumsy, sentimental fool.

BTW, who are you?


whoops... went all anonymous there...

its Rupert! (www.littleyellowcar.co.uk)
Ah, in that case you're probably not the same anonymous commenter who mentioned Southwold...
nope that wasn't me ... (got meself and Id now... )

I like the norman wisdom idea, it means I can go and watch some of his films and WALL-E again (for research)
Shouldn't go anywhere without your Id. Your Ego and SuperEgo will get all lonely...
I wondered why I wasn't feeling myself ....
Now, if you were feeling yourself, Freud might have been interested. Particularly if it's whilst you're answering LJ comments...
Freud isn't interested in me ... just my mother...
Following this discussion is a bit like watching tennis, only much more entertaining. Where are the blonde Russian women in miniskirts who shout 'oof' every time they issue a retort?