Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Minor update

This week I've been preparing Lintilla for the AIR.

All interior welding has been done. There are a couple of places underneath that need welding before the next MOT but I probably won't have time to do those before Ireland.

I've fitted a new aerial and a different speaker that actually works. The stereo is still pretty rubbish but it is working better than it was on the LEO.

I've had the speedo apart and fiddled with it a bit and if we're lucky the odometer might keep working instead of jamming when it tries to increase the hundreds or thousands digit.

She's been to the garage and had the tracking adjusted, the wheels balanced, and the headlight aim adjusted.

I've fitted the new passenger-side quarterlight hinge so it no longer needs to be held shut with gaffer tape.

The brakes are working much nicer since having the front drums skimmed - there's still a slight vibration there when braking hard but it's nowhere near as bad as it was before.

I've fitted the sill covers and finishers to cover up the worst of the sill bodgery!

The insurance documents have still not arrived - I phoned them yesterday and they said they had posted them last week but would send another set out. No sign of them in the post today. The person who is going to drive Lintilla in Ireland is insured, but I don't have a bit of paper to prove it which could be a bit awkward if she was to be stopped by the police in Ireland and asked to prove that she is insured to drive the car.

Still having a bit of trouble with the driver's door latch. You need to slam it in a particular way and if you don't get it right it can pop open disconcertingly when you go around a corner. I'm going to mess about with it a bit more when I get back from DWCon.

Speaking of which, I'll be away at the Discworld convention from this afternoon until Tuesday and might not have Internet access (apparently there is WiFi at the venue but it's expensive).

Have a good weekend!
Tags: air, cons, dwcon, morris minor

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