Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Minor update

The past few days I've been concentrating on preparing Lintilla for the AIR:
  • Fixed the loose fan belt tensioner bracket (drilled and tapped the stripped hole in the dynamo front plate to take a larger bolt).
  • Bought and fitted a shorter fanbelt (it was right on the limit of the tensioner).
  • Put a spare fuel pump on (it was ticking too often, indicating a worn/leaky inlet valve).
  • Cut/knocked off the worst bits of rotten outer bodywork and covered the sharp edges with gaffer tape.
  • Replaced the weeping thermostat cover gasket.
  • Fitted a passenger-side door mirror.
  • Fitted halogen headlights.
  • Fitted an air horn (the old horn didn't work at all).
  • Replaced the knackered front seat base diaphragms with straps.
  • Reassembled and fitted the heater.
  • Cleaned up the sill covers and finishers a bit.
  • Had the front drums skimmed.
  • Adjusted all the brakes.
  • Greased the trunnions.
  • Rotated the wheels.
  • Sourced a new passenger-side quarterlight hinge.
  • Cut out the rotten section of floor under passenger's feet, made a repair panel (complete with the correct indentations), and welded it in.
  • Cut out the rotten area of driver's side floor/inner sill/wheel arch.

There are a lot fewer holes in the passenger-side floor now (the fountain effect when splashing through deep puddles was quite spectacular), but there is a really big hole to the right of the driver's feet. It looks like a bit of a tricky repair, unfortunately. I'm about to place an order for more welding wire and gas... :)

The plan this week is to finish the welding, refit the front seats and the sill covers/finishers, get the tracking adjusted and the wheels balanced at a local garage, get the radio working again, grease the prop shaft and handbrake cables, then drive her to Birmingham on Friday to attend the Discworld Convention. If I get time I might take a look at the speedometer too (it was whining a bit and the odometer doesn't work).

Next week (after I get back on Tuesday) I need to give both cars a full service, fit and calibrate the in-car compasses, and fit cigarette lighter sockets for phone chargers, sat-navs, etc. I could do with trying to fix Fenchurch's speedo too (the needle is sticking again).

I'm probably not going to have time to fit either an instrument panel or a better stereo/speakers in Lintilla. I might just manage to put the glovebox liners back in.
Tags: air, morris minor

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