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Morris Minor, Fenchurch

Photos from LEO 2008

Here's a couple of nice pictures from my return journey. It was a bit wet coming back through Glen Coe...

Lintilla in Glen Coe
Lintilla under a rainbow

I also tried to get a photo matching the signature picture I use on the MMOC forum that has Fenchurch in it (I also used it on last year's Christmas card), but the mountains in the background were obscured by rain. This is probably the nicest picture I got from the same layby.
Lintilla in Glen Coe


they look fab! well done!

must be a shock being back in proper bed now!
Wow! Super images!

*pah* wet...hard to believe it's august isn't it. The photo of Lintilla under a rainbow is really nice, the rainbow really adds a touch of the hippy to it ;-)

The end of the rainbow looks really close by...
The rainbow appeared to be very nearby. You could actually see the whole arch but I didn't have a wide enough lens to get it all in one shot. I took a video of it that I might put on YouTube later. I've got another photo taken in a different location where you can see the whole rainbow with Lintilla under the middle of the arch, but it's spoilt rather by a load of street signs and things that are also in the field of view.