Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Minor update

I sort of unintentionally accidentally completely dismantled Lintilla's engine into lots of small bits and a few big ones.


The first worrying sign was finding a small but crucial metal disc missing from the oil filter housing, without which it will have been doing a less than brilliant job at filtering the oil. The second worrying sign was the thick lumpy black gunge in the oil filter housing and the bottom of the sump, suggesting the oil probably hadn't been changed for a long time. The clincher was taking the centre main bearing cap off and finding that the shell had worn through to the copper in places.

Actually it looks like I've caught it before any real damage has been done. It wasn't making any knocking noises when I drove it home, and the crankshaft journals don't look like they will need a regrind. The shells I've looked at so far are still "STD" suggesting it hasn't been reground previously. Dad's going to borrow a suitable micrometer tomorrow to check it. I'll replace all the bearing shells, gaskets, oil seals, and obviously find a new pressure plate to go in the oil filter. The old timing chain was rather worn so I'll also fit the duplex chain kit I haven't got around to fitting to Fenchurch yet. Just for good measure I'll fit a new oil pump. After that lot I reckon it should be good for another few tens of thousands of miles...
Tags: morris minor

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