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Working on it

Minor update

The past couple of evenings I've been working on pulling Lintilla's engine out. While it's out I'll be changing the clutch, release bearing, oil filter, vacuum advance, and mounting rubbers. I'm also going to whip the sump off to have a look at the condition of the bearing shells because I don't know anything about the history of the engine other than that it was fitted by a cowboy (yee-haa!).

Lintilla with her engine out


Basically the previous owner was badly ripped off by the 'classic car specialist' she employed to look after the car. One of the jobs he did was to fit this engine, which was supposedly a rebuilt unleaded unit but is clearly nothing of the sort (I doubt he even changed the oil).
My 'new' engine was like that.. it took me forever to clear the gunge out of it. Bizarrely, though, there appears to be almost no bore wear at all. it has been rebored, probably more than once, but the oil was more like grinding paste with the amount of carbon (and lord knows what else) floating around.
I used nearly a full bottle of white spirit cleaning the gunge off and out of the engine. I'm not sure why but number two and three bores seem to be unworn whereas one and four have a slight ridge on one side. The crankshaft journals are almost perfect. The timing chain seemed a bit sloppy so I'm going to put a full duplex kit on it.

Got quite a bit done this weekend, though not much that I can point to and say "that job's finished." I'm ordering the parts I need to build the engine back up this morning, and the front suspension parts should be painted and ready to go back on by next weekend.
On the outer sides? They nearly always do that. Over time of course, they wear more and it becomes less noticeable, but the initial wear is always at the furthermost ends. I'm not entirely sure though, I have to say.
Yes, that's right. I haven't a clue why they do that.
Maybe they don't like nos. 3 & 4. It's an escape bid.