Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

I did something I have never done before

I pre-ordered the American hardback edition of a book specifically for the cover art. This is a cover that has been much discussed and often reviled in parts of my friendslist. The author has publicly disclaimed responsibility for the design. I think it is brilliant.

The story (which I'm greatly looking forward to reading) is a homage to a novel by one of science fiction's grand masters that has itself been the subject of a great deal of criticism and controversy over the years. Its cover art is a homage to the cover Michael Whelan designed for possibly the best-known edition of the original book.

Can you guess what it is yet? Here is a big clue. (I dare you to follow that link even if you've already guessed the answer!)

That's right, I bought the American edition of Charlie Stross's latest novel, Saturn's Children!

Here is a picture of the cover in its full cheesetastic splendour, next to my rather faded paperback copy of Friday.

Here is the British edition of Saturn's Children for comparison. To me, that design says, "hard SF space opera, possibly following on from Charlie's previous space operas." It doesn't say "fun homage to Friday with a sexbot as the protagonist."
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