Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Lintilla TODO list

As I think I've mentioned, I'm planning to get Lintilla back on the road and drive her for the first half of this year's LEO rally. Here is a list of things I've yet to do on her before the rally. I'll strike them out when I've done them and add more as I think of them.

  1. Finish wire-brushing the front suspension and brake parts.
  2. Modify the Wolseley 1500 front brake backplates to take Minor cylinders.
  3. Change the fluid in the front dampers.
  4. Replace the front suspension rebound buffers.
  5. Remove the front panel.
  6. Remove the engine block.
  7. Dismantle the engine block, clean all the parts, and put it back together with new bearing shells, oil pump, duplex timing chain, etc.
  8. Fit the new engine steady bracket.
  9. Clean up the mating faces of the exhaust manifold and downpipe.
  10. Replace the clutch and release bearing, and dismantle/examine/replace/adjust the clutch linkage.
  11. Put the engine block back in.
  12. Fit the valve stem oil seals.
  13. Replace all the cylinder head studs.
  14. Put the cylinder head back on the engine block.
  15. Build one good dynamo from the three I have that each have different faults.
  16. Service the carb and clean up the spare one.
  17. Clean up the distributor, and replace the points, condenser, and vacuum advance unit.
  18. Put all the ancillaries back on the engine.
  19. Replace the studs in the hockey sticks, including the one that has had a self-tapping screw jammed into it in place of the proper 2BA stud.
  20. Clean the front panel up a bit and replace it (I have obtained a less bent one to put on later but it's currently the wrong colour).
  21. Refit the radiator and fill the cooling system (plain water to start with).
  22. Replace the radiator with one that doesn't leak.
  23. Replace the throttle cable.
  24. Replace the engine mounting rubbers.
  25. Put some petrol in the tank.
  26. Get the engine running, timed, and tuned up.
  27. Re-torque the head nuts and adjust the tappets after the first run.
  28. Rust-kill, prime, and paint all the front suspension and brake parts.
  29. Reassemble the front swivels/hubs/brakes etc.
  30. Cut out and replace the rotten patch in the floor above the nearside crossmember end.
  31. Weld a patch on the nearside crossmember-end.
  32. Put the front suspension back on the car and adjust the ride height.
  33. Remove the rest of the carpet and the master cylinder cover plate, and clean the cabin floor.
  34. Weld up a hole on top of the front crossmember.
  35. Weld up a hole in the nearside chassis leg near the eye bolt.
  36. Clean up the front and rear slave cylinders and check the bores and seals are in good condition.
  37. Replace all the brake pipes.
  38. Replace, adjust and lubricate the handbrake cables.
  39. Bleed the brake system, check for leaks, and hope the master cylinder doesn't need replacing too.
  40. Clean the rear seat.
  41. Put the seats back in.
  42. Change the gearbox oil.
  43. Change the back axle oil.
  44. Oil the steering rack.
  45. Grease the prop-shaft UJs.
  46. Replace the broken nearside indicator/sidelight unit.
  47. Put the front bumper back on.
  48. Put the front number plate back on.
  49. Fix the windscreen washers (I think the pipes and nozzles are blocked up).
  50. Replace the wiper blades.
  51. Replace the flasher unit.
  52. Do something about the loose radio speaker (cable ties and duct tape may be involved) and improvise a temporary aerial.
  53. Flush the cooling system and refill with the proper mix of antifreeze.
  54. Replace the gearbox mounting rubbers.
  55. Replace the gearbox steady cable.
  56. Fit new pedal rubbers.
  57. Maybe weld up a hole at the front of the offside under sill.
  58. Maybe weld up a hole at the front of the nearside under sill.
  59. Maybe rebuild and test the fuel pump and the spare one.
  60. Maybe paint the newly welded bits underneath.
  61. Maybe give her a wash.
  62. Maybe put the sill covers back on.
  63. Maybe replace the exhaust pipe mounting straps and brackets.
  64. Maybe put the heater back together and refit it.
  65. Maybe fit halogen headlights.
  66. Maybe fit the driver side door mirror.
  67. Maybe fit the passenger side door mirror.
  68. Later redo the dodgy patch in the floor under the passenger's feet.
  69. Later fit a new heat insulating panel over the exhaust.
  70. Later paint the cabin floor.
  71. Later replace the rear suspension bushes.
  72. Later change the fluid in the rear dampers.
  73. Later make and fit an instrument panel with ammeter, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, and rev counter.
  74. Later replace the front seat belts.
  75. Later fit rear seat belts.
  76. Later replace the horn.
  77. Later put the glovebox liner(s) back in.
  78. Later fit and calibrate the compass.
  79. Later fit a cigarette lighter socket for charging phones and cameras etc.

I'm sure I will think of more stuff later...
Tags: leo, lintilla, morris minor, todo

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