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Working on it

Minor update

Good news:
  • I managed to find the time this afternoon to finish dismantling Lintilla's front suspension.
  • The threads on the left hand swivel pin are fine. In fact I had a closer look at the right hand one and came to the conclusion that the threads on both of them are hardly worn (and not rusty at all). A good clean, new dust seals, and regular greasing should see them last a long time yet.
  • The left-hand crossmember end, while far from perfect, looks easily strong enough that the torsion bar isn't in imminent danger of ripping a hole through the floor and piercing the passenger's posterior. I'm just going to put a small patch on it, repair the floor above it, then leave it alone until I'm ready to replace the sills.
  • The front brake cylinders and flexihoses look to be good enough to reuse after a bit of a clean (unlike the fixed pipes, several of which snapped when I tried to undo them).
  • I don't think the steering rack gaiters need replacing quite yet (this is good news because I really hate doing that job).

Not so good news:
  • I managed to break yet another nice nearly-new fluorescent inspection lamp, this time by dropping a torsion bar on it and smashing the tube inside (replacement tubes aren't available for them AFAIK). I really need to get hold of some more of those professional quality 12V inspection lamps with the clumsy-mechanic-resistant steel and rubber casing.
  • The left-hand eyebolt is noticeably worn at the top. I think the car must have been driven for a long time after the rubber bush between the pin and the hole disintegrated. Considering the hole doesn't tend to wear at all on the bottom, I'm going to turn the eyebolt upside down if I can to give it a second lease of life.


Inspection lamps

I've recently seen a high intensity LED inspection lamp at the local garage. I was quite impressed, and ought to be harder to break than fluorescent variety (been ther - I broke two compact fluorescents in inspection housings in the past couple of years,

Re: Inspection lamps

This type is what I want. The strong clamp, ball joint, and directional beam are really useful, and they are much more robust than the DIY quality lamps you get in places like Halfords. I carry an older version in the back of Fenchurch that I borrowed from my landlord ages ago. Frosts probably aren't the cheapest source though. I need to get around to looking to see if I can find them cheaper elsewhere.

Cool icon BTW.

Re: Inspection lamps

Here we go. I think that's actually a slightly better model (eg. it has an ergonomic hand grip) and it's much cheaper than Frosts. Only trouble is I wound up buying a few other things as well as three lamps to take my order over the £50 free postage threshold... :)