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Sunset over Pendle

Sunset over Pendle

This was the sunset as seen from the back window of our house here in Burnley a couple of weeks ago. The picture hasn't been photoshopped other than to crop and scale it down for the web. It looked even more spectacular in real life. Pendle Hill is just to the right of the picture.

PS. It's interesting that my spellchecker accepts 'photoshopped' but not 'Pendle.'


That really is very pretty :)
OMG ~ the sky looks like design prep for Constantine or something ...no wonder Pendle is so well known for it's rumours of witch trails etc! (Is it me, or is there an eye in the lower right, just above the tree line? )Thats' some truely spectacular effects and a truely spectacular photo :-)
The witch trials are well documented. Of course there's a huge amount of hype surrounding them, mostly for the benefit of tourists.

Edited at 2008-06-10 01:09 pm (UTC)
And Lancaster University students ~ especially those in Pendle College lol
Not related to sunset, but... saw the chap out of The Apprentice and thought of you: http://www.justgiving.com/nickhewer?page=1

Ever thought of doing it for a charity?

(Or even sponsoring this guy? :) )
Yes, watch this space. There is an official club scheme this year that we are being asked to take part in because it's the 60th anniversary of both the Morris Minor and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Although I have to say I always feel a bit odd about giving money to or asking for sponsorship for something that is enjoyable and you would willingly do even if you didn't have "it's for a good cause" as an excuse. I'm even less enthusiastic about sponsoring people to do pointless things that they don't actually want to do. When I give money to charity I generally just send it directly to a worthwhile organisation, no strings attached. The only time I'm really happy about sponsoring people is if they are doing something useful like planting a tree for every £x raised.