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Hijinks Ensue

A fiendish puzzle

Start at http://n.nfshost.com/ and find the page for number two, then three, and so on up to thirty.

27->28 is probably the most difficult one: I stared at it for twenty minutes before somebody gave me the clue "you can only base the answer on two things" which enabled me to solve it.

Kudos to piggeh for creating the puzzle.

PS. there has been some speculation that it might actually go higher than thirty ;)


Got as far as 'Sept' without thinking, then failed to be able to come up with anything that works....
Think garlic and smelly cheese.

They get much harder further on.
Yeah, now stuck on 1597....
Leonardo of Pisa.
Oh, *obviously*...

the speculation is wrong though, when it actually goes higher than thirty it'll be obvious that it does.