Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

AIR update

I have now booked both the ferry and all my accommodation for the Around Ireland Rally. the_magician and I will be staying in the following YHs:

30th August: Foulksrath Castle (Kilkenny)
31st August: Cork
1st September: Dun Chaoin (Dingle)
2nd September: Sleepzone City (Galway)
3rd September: Blue Stack (Donegal)
4th September: Whitepark Bay (Giant's Causeway)
5th September: Belfast
6th September: Dublin

This bank-holiday weekend I want to achieve several things: research B&B options for those who don't want to stay in YHs, finish off the first draft route plan, produce a progress report and send it out to all the prospective participants, and get on with repairing Lintilla.

With regards to Lintilla, I've decided to try to get her back on the road in time for the National Rally next month. Longer term, the plan is to have both Minors on the road and running reliably by the time of this year's Land's End to Orkney run. I already know Fenchurch is reliable enough to do a long road trip, so I'm thinking of using Lintilla for half or possibly even all of the LEO in order to iron out any problems before the AIR. That way I will have a choice of which car to take, or I could even lend one of them to another of the participants if their car has problems before the trip.
Tags: air, leo, morris minor

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