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Hijinks Ensue

The Liberty of Norton Folgate

I really wish I could go to this gig Madness are doing to promote their new album, The Liberty of Norton Folgate. Unfortunately it wouldn't be very practical because it's in London mid-week - I would have to take a couple of days off work to get to it.

I love the style of the advert, although it could have done with a bit more proof-reading and they have scaled it down too much for the web. "[The Liberty of Norton Folgate] Danced skanked and boggled for the cause of man and woman's need to be." Check out the video too. How many movies do you recognise?


You are very welcome to use Wome as a crash-pad.

You would have sole use of two whinging cats.

The inappropriately placed apostrophe's are in fact fairlye typicallye used in the mannere of Theatricall Fliyer's and Postinges of the Fiffteenth and Sixteenth Centurie's.

My Spellinge, Howevere, Ys Note.
Good point, but I thought the style they copied is 19th century...