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Hijinks Ensue

Orbital 2008 report 4 - Sunday

The bid session took place first thing on Sunday morning so I headed there instead of the BC workshop. There was one bid - Odyssey 2010 - which consisted of gaspodia, watervole, Fiona Scarlett, and gaspode. They explained they wanted to come back to the Radisson again in 2010, and that the hotel had offered them Orbital's contract as a starting point, including the same room and drinks rates. Starting membership rates would be £35. A vote was taken and it passed with an overwhelming majority. The main guests of honour so far are Alistair Reynolds, Liz Williams and Mike Carey, with frandowdsofa and johannes_d as the fan guests. Let's do it again in 2010!

I spent most of the day in the workshop again, escaping for a short while to look around the art show, then head down to the dealers' room to join Odyssey, Satellite 2, and Albacon 2010, which I don't know much amount about except cuddles_batcave appears to be involved. I also tried to buy a T shirt with SMS's Orbital artwork on it but they'd already sold out of my size so I had to place an order for them to post me one later.

In the evening I went to the play, then I stayed on for the Mitch Benn set, which was absolutely hilarious. He was still going strong when I had to duck out to go and run Torchwood Wobblevision. I was a bit nervous but not as badly as the first time I did it, at Year of the Teledu. We got enough main cast members despite most of the con still being at Mitch Benn, though a couple of the extras got used several times. I made one mistake in that I cast somebody as Rhys, then cut the one scene Rhys was in. Oops! That character should have been down as an extra in the script. Next time I do this I'm going to have to reformat the scripts to make them easier to use (eg. grouping the scenes by setting would reduce the amount of running back and forth). Everyone involved certainly seemed to have a lot of fun. I've had a quick look at the photos and they seem to have come out pretty well (for a Wobblevision). I'll get them edited and uploaded as soon as I have a chance.

Afterwards I hung around for a while then went to my first panel item of the con: "What is Sci-Fi?" I must admit I wasn't particularly interested in the topic of the panel, but it was interesting to see they had adopted the Redemption tradition of heavy panel/audience interaction (rather than the usual "questions at the end").


I was late due to a rants by Tanith Lee and others (and overall misunderstanding that if a slot is from 9 to 10 it means the panel can still be taking questions at 9.59).

I am sorry I did not go in the Ladies, but those within did not get to see Fran_Dowd's expression on being told that she could not go to the toilet because Alex_Holden was inside, photographing a couple having sex.

All the characters were drawn by lot (I held my thumbs to ensure I _didn't_ get Gwen), and this method works very well. Gwen and Cerys were both superb, and as for Captain Jack! We needed two. One to do the main parts, and one to be her ssx-and-alcohol stunt double.

It was very interesting to see the storyline stripped down to its essentials. While I agree that filming as they do in real life (i.e. as makes best sense regarding the availibility of the Ladies toilets, and only shooting in there _once_) would make the session flow better (and certainly make it easier for Ianto (who used a wheel chair) to participate, only by doing it 'in order' did the bare bones of the story hang together.

Thanks for doing this - great fun!
LOL. The first time we did Torchwood Wobblevision, nearly all of the scenes were photographed on the stage in the main hall. I think it's nice to move around a bit and use different settings instead, but the function space layout and the huge crowds of people moving around us made it rather tricky. The amount of time it took to move between settings also meant I had to drop lots of minor scenes otherwise it would have taken all night. Did the plot actually make any sense to those taking part in it?
Albacon 2010? Where's that going to be held?

(also bah! to having so much work on that I can't get to Eastercon)
Glasgow, at a yet-to-be-chosen hotel.


I'm here via an interest in Eastercon and related articles. Do you have any objection to adding your Doc Weir listing to the wikipedia pages? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastercon#List_of_Eastercons

While you're at it, who won this year? I had to leave early, see.

Re: Hi!

My Doc Weir listing? Do you mean this one? To be honest I think the 'official' list is Bill Burns's one. Eddie Cochrane won it this year.

Doc Weir

Eddie Cochrane won it this year

Oh! Excellent choice.