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Steam Sparky, Sparky


Here is a sneak preview of my entry for The Great Crystal Cyberdrome Exhibition that will be held at Orbital 2008 next week. Read more...Collapse )

Update 2: I've locked comments because I was getting quite a lot of spam on this entry.


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Two geek fetishes for the price of one!

Like it! I have to cross-post for friends to also admire...
Thanks! :)


The BBC should totally make an episode of Doctor Who set in Victorian times, with a race of Steampunk Daleks!

Great stuff!
Did you see the flashbacks to Victorian Torchwood? I really wish they would turn that into a spinoff series...


Did you use your Taig mill?

I knew your name sounded familiar! Did you use the Taig mill at all when making it?


Re: Did you use your Taig mill?

No, just hand tools, a mini-drill, and a brass rotary wire brush in a pillar drill.

Edited at 2008-04-22 04:33 pm (UTC)


That, sir, is utterly absurd.

A steampunk Dalek?

That, sir, is utterly absurd.

I like it. B-)
I am so in love!
In fact, would you mind if I knocked together an icon with that pic?
Feel free.


Saw this at kasterborous.com and followed the link here. That is amazing!
Thanks! :)


Excellent recreation of a classic antagonist. I came across the link for your site from the SciFi channels Device.com while watching Dr. Who. I consider this a bonus as I am a huge fan of the show.
Wow, gorgeous work! I can't believe a bubble-bath bottle was the base for all this.

Also, your description is fantastic. "Exterminated rodents", indeed. HEE.
Thanks. The bottle was a neat find, especially considering how little it cost.

My friend SMS came up with the back story when he presented the Exhibition guided tour, and I subsequently wrote it down as best I could.

And inspirational! My Dalek shower gel bottle is languishing in the bathroom still.
Thanks! :)
This is friggin' amazing! The plunger really does make them an excellent fit for sewer maintenance. I think my favorite part is that it's still full of bubble bath.


The piston

what is that piston doing connected to the axle? stick its end to the edge, or it'll rip off the wheel! If you added another piston to the front wheel, it could also steer with easy guarantee of not suddenly going backwards.

Re: The piston

As I said elsewhere, the wheels and cylinders are taken directly from a cheap mass-produced model of Stephenson’s Rocket and I didn’t have time to modify them to add a crank, conrod, crosshead, slide bars, etc. Then what about the valve gear? The whole thing is impossible so why worry about it?

I've no idea what you mean about driving the front axle.

Fine work sir!

Have you posted about it on the Tactile forum at Brass Goggles yet?

(Although you will be sure to get further comments about the piston's attachment point to the wheel if you do....)

Re: Fine work sir!

No, but it was featured on the Brass Goggles front page a few weeks ago.
This is so cool. I really want a steampunk Dalek episode now! Or maybe it would be better as a book.
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