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Hijinks Ensue

Lord of the Rings On Stage

Anyone fancy going to see the Lord of the Rings stage show with me in London's West End at 2PM next Thursday? The cheapest seats are £16 each. ETA: Tickets booked!

I just read in the newspaper that it's only running until July and it sounds like a really impressive production. They're having to move out of the theatre early to make way for the new Oliver production that is going to be cast via a BBC reality show.


*blast* I will be at the Institute of Field Archaeologists and exmemsec will be at the MDA 30th birthday party (used to be the Museums Documentation Association, but when they discovered that they weren't an Association, that they didn't just work with museums, and documentation wasn't their only interest, they navel-gazed and came up with a new name: MDA. And a tag line 'it doesn't stand for anything, honest! Oh, you could take that to mean we have no meaning! We give up. Give us another decade, and we'll come up with a decent name'.

Oddly enough, they may be changing their name shortly.

Anyway, what it boils down to is: we can't go. But we do want to. So thanks for the headsup about the closure.
It's on at other times, that's just the only showing I can conceivably get to while I'm down there for Orbital. Even so it will mean setting off /really/ early on Thursday morning and not setting up the BC workshop until Friday morning.
Sadly I think I would be killed if I went to that and to the Jonathan Coulton in the evening ...

... oh, and it's "cast" not "casted" :-)

Graham Norton and John Barrowman are looking for a Nancy ... take that how you will :-)
I wonder if one can vote for 'no Nancy, I'd rather keep Galadriel casted'?
Does that imply you could go to one but not both?

I thought 'casted' looked a bit odd but 'cast' didn't sound right either...

Yes, I saw an advert with people singing about how they would do anything for Barrowman.
It looks weird because cast can be a noun and a verb, so you end up with "the cast were cast during the casting call" (or sometimes just "during the casting.")

Hmmm, I wouldn't want to speculate, but just let me say that somewhere around there there may well be an email with a confirmation code for a ticket to see JC on Thursday :)
All I can say is if John Barrowman's in it I want the mpeg.
I think gaspodia would kill me. we have Things to Do!
Talk her into coming too!
You can escape for the afternoon - Neil isn't arriving till late on Friday. :)
I could escape, I could!!

Actually, he's arriving at silly time in the morning on Friday but still, shouldn't conflict I think.

How does one get to the West End - is it as far as it sounds??!!
Don't ask me, the very few times I've been on London public transport someone else was navigating. I'll figure it out somehow. Perhaps the Magnotron Crescent map will be of assistance! ;)

I'm not going straight back to the hotel afterwards though - I'll be grabbing some food then heading over to Dingwalls in Camden for the Jonathan Coulton gig.
I very nearly said "do you know what? Why not?"

Then I remembered that I have my cleaner here til 3pm on Thursdays and it takes me at least an hour to go into town.

If you fancy it another time, and you fancy sitting in the disabled viewing area - according to this guide (p38) there are 4 wheelchair spaces, and in my experience wheelchair user gets to go where they need and companion is next to them and their ticket is free - let me know.
Unfortunately I'm not likely to be in London again before it ends in July. :(
So...are they going into the West where all is silver glass(?)

I'd be interested in meeting up to see the show with you :-) I've not been to Drury Lane but it's pretty central ~ the nearest tube is Covent Garden so the theatre should be well sign posted and all. Off the top of my head, Covent Garden is on the Central Line (dark blue(?))

I've only got ten mintutes on the pc today, and I won't be online again until monday (due to training.)
*Doh* Covent Garden is on the Picadilly Line, which is indeed dark blue ;-)