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Hijinks Ensue


I have a work mobile. I almost never get called on it - it's just there in case something goes badly wrong with a client's systems while I'm out of the office. Something quite odd just happened.

0844 - It rang. I tried to pick it up but it stopped after two rings. The missed call log showed "Private no."
0845 - It rang again. Same thing happened.
0847 - It rang and I grabbed it on the first ring. Someone with an Asian accent answered. He responded every time I said something but his responses didn't make any sense - random snippets of English among some other language. After about 30 seconds I suspected I was talking to a bot and hung up. The received call log showed "[no number]"
0849 - It rang and I picked up. Total silence so I hung up after ten seconds. Call log showed a number beginning with 07984.
0851 - Silence again. Number began with 07908.
0854 - Silence again. Number began with 07939.
0854 - The Indian voice again. The responses weren't exactly the same as the first time but they were similar enough that I was convinced I was talking to a bot after about ten seconds and hung up. Call log showed "[no number]"
0855 - I didn't bother to answer it. It stopped after two rings showing a missed call from "[no number]"

It's now 0920 and it hasn't rung again. I would have guessed this was one of those scams to leave a missed call so you run up a bill calling them back, but it never showed a number on the calls where I didn't pick it up. And what was the point of the robot on two of the ones I answered? They called me so they were only running their own bill up by keeping me hanging on the line.


The few numbers that you have are worth googling, or putting into the search window on www.whocallsme.com -- a lot of the scam callers are listed there.
No results for any of them. :(

Obviously I'm not going to try calling the numbers back.


get this all the time on the house phone - hence dont even answer it any more.
That was since looking at the possibility of getting a mortgage 3 years ago.
Drives you crazy :-(