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Hijinks Ensue

Fairport Convention

I went to see Fairport Convention play at the Burnley Mechanics on Wednesday night. I've long been aware of them by reputation but I'd only heard an occasional song on the radio so I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it. I was pleasantly surprised - they're really very good. I think if they're lacking anything at all, it's a female singer. Apparently the late Sandy Denny was in the band for a year or so when they first took off. They played a really lovely song of hers at one point; unfortunately I can't remember the title.

The audience was a very friendly crowd but there didn't look to be many who were under fifty. Apparently Fairport has played at the Mechanics every year for the past twenty years so I suspect there were more than a few 'regulars.'

The support act was a great northern-Irish singer/songwriter who I hadn't encountered before called Anthony John Clarke. He came across as an amiable chap and entertained the audience between songs with numerous anecdotes. I'd be happy to go and see him do a full gig.
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Get yourself a copy of Meet on the Ledge to hear them in their prime.
I guessed the song of the same name was their signature tune because they played it in the encore after joking about how the audience was expecting it.
I'm listening to this album for the third time and it gets better each time. Sandy Denny was brilliant!
Having seen MotL finish many Cropredy fstivals and Half Moon gigs I never get Tired of it ..

They have had several female singers and a few male .. memebers of Jethro Tull have passed through, Ralph Mctell and RIchard Tompson have come and gone .. Jerry Donahue ... There family Tree is tied to more bands than Rainbow - but they never fail to put on a good show ...


Fairport Convention

The Sandy Denny title they played is her most famous song: "Who Knows Where The Time Goes?"

Re: Fairport Convention

Ah, of course it was. Thanks!