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Morris Minor, Fenchurch

Meet the latest addition to the family


I've just got back from Liverpool, where I went to look at a 1970 two-door Minor saloon that somebody advertised on the MMOC forum: free to a good home. It's a bit tatty and will probably need new sills soon, but it's roadworthy and it has a long MOT. I'm returning to pick it up on Sunday morning. Very pleased. :)

Continuing in the HHGTTG naming theme, I briefly considered calling it Ford Prefect, but decided that would just be too surreal! So, Arthur it is then. Only trouble with that name is he doesn't actually have any Dents as far as I could see...



you must not acquire more cars than I have handbags....

stop.. now.....
I think two should be enough. Mum took the news surprisingly well, but I think she'd be rather less charitable about a third one leaking oil onto the drive and getting in the way of the washing line. The plan is that if I have two cars in drivable condition I can take one at a time off the road for a few weeks to work on it without having to revert to public transport. It also means I have a backup in case Fenchurch develops a fault before a rally.
I've always thought of them as feminine, probably because of the Nurse Gladys Emmanual connection. And all those sultry curves.
You have a good point. I think some of them are male though.

Which female character would you suggest? Trillian? Lintilla? Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton? Eccentrica Gallumbits? ;)
I always thought of Trillian as quite slim. There aren't that many female characters, are there? John thinks Lintilla would be interesting. There's Heart of Gold, or you could go with Random Frequent Flyer Dent, or Random for short.
Rather nice. There's a pretty two-door saloon availiable near me, 1970 also, I think. But I just don't have the room. I wish I did have room..

That would make a lovely convertible..
I'm not a big fan of ragtops, unless it's on a little two-seater sports car that you only allow out of the garage when the weather is right.

One of the guys on the LEO drove a convertible and he didn't put the top down even when it was sunny.
Oh excellent. We can make HHGttG puns along the lines of "Where's Alex?" "Oh, he's coming in Arthur. He'll be late."
and we didn't even know you were expecting :-)
It's all been very sudden! *blush*
Congratulations on the new arrival.
*dies of jealousy*
ohhhh, lovely!



Oi! That's MY cars name:)

Re: Arthur

I know. I might go with Lintilla or something instead. I'll decide after I've driven it home and got some idea of its temperament.