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Bigger hammer

A refreshing breeze

Through the window I can see trees bending over sideways and birds flying backwards. I need to do some maintenance on Fenchurch this morning and there's no room to put her in the garage...


Hey, you know that thing where the tell-tail flashes once and then goes out? What about the one where it comes on when you're driving, and stays resolutely on regardless of anything you might do, bar turn off the ignition? That's an interesting one. Indicators still work, though...
Does it still do it if you disconnect the tell-tale wire from the flasher unit?

There's a guy on the MMOC forum who wants to buy an early gearstick (ISTR you saying you bought one on eBay).

Alternatively, he's selling a 948 box that's been converted to take an early stick.

Edited at 2008-01-27 11:51 am (UTC)