Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Bond: Live action reenactment of a level from the Goldeneye N64 game

I've never played the Goldeneye N64 game, but I've played a few other first person shoot-em-ups. I was a huge fan of the Duke Nukem franchise - I once bought an N64 just so I could play Duke Nukem 64. So I found this video pretty funny. The dull, repetitive background music, the stupid enemy AI (particularly the soldier who tries to run off a balcony), the clumsy movements, the player who repeatedly bumps into a garage door instead of ducking under it, the soldiers who fire dozens of shots from close range but somehow manage to miss, the slight delay between hitting an enemy and the enemy reacting to it, the corpses that mysteriously vanish, the stream of identical bad guys...

Link via Jonathan Coulton.
Tags: funny, james bond, videos

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