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Hijinks Ensue

Twelve Reasons to be Cheerful

  1. A hot mug of Assam tea and a chocolate HobNob.
  2. Making it to London and back without major incident.
  3. Eastercon preparations still chugging along nicely.
  4. Finally getting over the cold I picked up before Christmas.
  5. Old friends who stick by you no matter what.
  6. New friends who surprise you with their thoughtfulness.
  7. Smiles received in exchange for small courtesies.
  8. Potential disasters averted.
  9. The return of Torchwood on Wednesday.
  10. Madness's new single, NW5, on sale from today.
  11. Random lists of things that make you cheerful.
  12. Women with red hair!


Tell me more about 12... :-D
What, can't I just innocently say I like redheads without people suspecting ulterior motives? ;)

I'll send you an email to explain (it's nothing to get too excited about).
Nope, you can't innocently just say things like that!!

*taps fingers on keyboard*
A good list. Especially numbers 1 and 12.
Long red hair is even better. :)
What Alex said!

You've got a fan club you know :-)
Oooh! I've always wanted one of those!