Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Minor update

I got the MG Metro front seats installed in Fenchurch today. Unfortunately I'm not convinced they're much more comfortable than the standard seats, though they are at least uncomfortable in a different way. The padding on the back isn't very soft, and the width between the side bolsters is a bit cramped. I suppose I'll get a better idea of what they'll be like on a rally the next time I do a long journey. As it happens, I'm heading down to Heathrow again on Friday evening for another Orbital site visit.

I had been having some problems with the engine occasionally misfiring at certain revs - motorway cruising was fine but it could feel quite lumpy around 30MPH. It started not long after the last service, when I replaced several ignition components. Today I tried replacing the rotor arm again with a brand new one and I think the problem might be cured (it didn't misfire at all on the five-mile drive home).
Tags: morris minor

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