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Working on it

Minor update

I got the MG Metro front seats installed in Fenchurch today. Unfortunately I'm not convinced they're much more comfortable than the standard seats, though they are at least uncomfortable in a different way. The padding on the back isn't very soft, and the width between the side bolsters is a bit cramped. I suppose I'll get a better idea of what they'll be like on a rally the next time I do a long journey. As it happens, I'm heading down to Heathrow again on Friday evening for another Orbital site visit.

I had been having some problems with the engine occasionally misfiring at certain revs - motorway cruising was fine but it could feel quite lumpy around 30MPH. It started not long after the last service, when I replaced several ignition components. Today I tried replacing the rotor arm again with a brand new one and I think the problem might be cured (it didn't misfire at all on the five-mile drive home).


Last time I had that it turned out to be an incorrect points gap, possibly not helped by the condenser. I sorted this out with a friend of mine, and lord knows what he did but it ran like a bird. Doesn't now.
It's got an electronic ignition module that replaces the points and condenser. It did run perfectly for thousands of miles until the last service, so I'm betting on something I fitted at the service being faulty. As well as the rotor arm I replaced the distributor cap, HT leads and coil (the latter because I'd decided to change from screw type HT leads to plug type ones). I'd already changed the plugs a few hundred miles earlier when I had the trouble with the head gasket.
Something really simple, the plug spark gap has altered since the service (once happened to me, new plugs correctly spaced gap and inside two hundred miles was running so badly that it barely made it into the nearest garage! the plugs gaps had all varied by upwards of 40 thou
That was the first thing I checked; the gaps were still fine. A little bit sooty from all the short runs with choke, but I cleaned them and it didn't make any difference. Hopefully the new rotor arm will have fixed it.