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Christmas tree

A cautionary tale

autopope says feorag has a monorail that goes round their Christmas tree.

Three days later: alex_holden has a broken Magic Santa Monorail Tree Ride from eBay.

[spot snapped-off flimsy bit of plastic]
[root in scrap pile for a suitable bit of steel]
[cut, bend, file, hammer, superglue, reassemble]
[place on section of track, connect power]
[Monorail Santa screams "HA! HA! HA!", runs over alex_holden's fingers, and falls off the end of the track]

alex_holden has a monorail that goes round his Christmas tree (or will do when he gets around to putting it up).


Demonic Santa from hell on a train lol
alex_holden is mad but entertaining. I'm getting a broken furby!!!!.
Do you know what's wrong with the furby?
He's apparently lost his voice - which some might say is an advantage!!
That's what it claims to be saying on the box but the speaker doesn't do bass sounds very well.

Yes, I think I've seen it in the science museum. Good article though.