Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

The "end of the year" meme rolls around again (already?)

I did this meme last year too. You simply post the first sentence or two from the first post of each month of the past year. I'm going to modify this slightly and skip other memes otherwise it all gets a bit self-referential and not terribly interesting.

January: Note to self: just after midnight on new year's morning isn't the best time to try sending text messages to people, as everyone else is doing the same thing and the phone network has gone kaput.
February: In case I haven't mentioned him enough yet, I'm a big fan of Jonathan Coulton.
March: The Redemption Spy Game I spent most of the weekend playing is now available online with the answers obscured so you can have a go at solving it yourself.
April: I've spent most of my spare time this past week spray-painting high-build cellulose primer and a guide coat onto various parts of Fenchurch.
May: I just remembered the significance of today's date. It's the First of May!
June: [Phone rings]
July: In the past week I've: Put several coats of Danish Oil on Fenchurch's woodwork.
August: If you're going camping in a 44 year old vehicle, what better to take with you than... A classic Optimus 8R Hunter petrol camping stove.
September: I really want to see the movie mentioned in today's XKCD.
October: My sister in law Shelley has passed her driving test on the second attempt.
November: Got to Novacon without undue incident apart from my boss phoning a couple of times because something had broken at work.
December: I've received some New Old Stock GNP-17A Nixie tubes and a large number of Russian IN3 neon lamps for use in my retro Tetris (Retris?) slot machine project.
Tags: memes

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